• Performing Arts Companies

    tools designed to navigate the complex terrain of modern production and marketing.

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    Manage Shows

    At the core of your company are the shows it produces. Stagey offers a framework for creating and managing your productions so the world can enjoy the fruits of your labor.


    Each show has a public landing page that contains all the information around your production including title, company, production team, marketing text and media, category, age restriction and more. From this landing page, patrons buy tickets to performances, access reviews, read press releases, browse media and access any information that will attract them to your company’s work.


    You decide who has permissions to control your show’s data. This may include performance management, pricing, discounts, press outreach, patron data and reports.

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    Categorize by Season

    If you produce your shows as part of seasons, you can run roll-up reports on your entire season so you know if you are hitting your goals.

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    Sell Tickets & Control Your Own Money

    Stagey offers a suite of tools to sell and market tickets for your shows: manage pricing models for each performance, create discount codes, price levels, comps, and more to attract patrons.


    All money collected is added to your Stripe Account; there’s no middle person between you and your funds. You can even add your own service fees on top of the pricing to raise additional cash from your ticket sales.


    All your money is automatically transferred directly to your company’s bank accounts via your Stripe settlement.

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    Virtual Performances

    In these uncertain times, your tech solution needs to support streaming solutions as a hedge against unforeseen events that directly impact the performing arts. Stagey supports both Venue-based and Virtual ticketed performances.


    Our Virtual framework works with all the major streaming providers. Your patrons will be alerted when a streamed performance is about to begin and pass through your site to confirm a ticket was purchased. You can even see who actually attended a stream show with virtual box office reporting.


    Simultaneously streaming a performance in front of a live audience? Stagey supports that, too.

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    Work with Press

    Everyone performing arts company thrives on free marketing; our industry has long relied on the press to reach additional audiences. Stagey provides a unique credentialing system that gives the press tools to request and manage performance comps; all you need to do is approve then when they are requested.


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    Reports and Patron Relationships

    To be successful in this world, performing arts companies need to keep audiences coming back and foster a community around your work. To achieve this goal, you must first know who your audience is and what they like. Enter Stagey’s reporting tools...


    Stagey includes a suite of reports to provide you with the intelligence you need to make key decisions. Some examples:

    • Unique landing pages for each patron so you know exactly the many ways any given community member has interacted with your company
    • Downloadable reports with special tools to track who attended what performance, show, season or event
    • Show, Performance and Season Metrics to track tickets sold, performances produced, revenue earned and business insights on who attended what.
    • Pie charts, Line charts, graphs and tables that provide a visual dashboard that can drive decision making.