• Event Participation

    Collect Information and Fees from your Participants

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    Registrations are ideal for events that collect a fee to participate. Once that fee is processed, a participant’s show is automatically added to the event and qualifies for ticketing.


    We have a suite of solutions for events that require a Registration Fee to participate. With Stagey, you can set multiple levels of registration each with its own price and benefits. When a prospective participant wants to join your event, they are prompted to select the Registration Level they require and pay the entrance fee.


    The fee is deposited directly into your merchant account.

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    Applications are ideal for curated events that seek out participants from the general public. The event producer ultimately has the ability to determine which participant applications to accept and which to reject.


    Applications can be broken up into levels; each with their own fee and benefits.


    When a prospective participant follows a link to apply, they are presented with a series of prompts (many of which you can customize) to collect necessary info. When they are are ready to formally apply, they select an Application Level and pay the fee. The fee is deposited directly into your merchant account.

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    Participant Workflow

    Event producers can determine what information is collected when registering and/or applying to an event.


    For example, an event producer may want to first collect some basic information, prompt them to provide “tags” for their show, ask them to sign a contract, and then finally register for the event. You determine which screens to present.

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    Venue Preferences

    For events that allow participants to choose a venue from a list and/or bring their own, a page can be added to your workflow that lists all venue spaces you have added for a given event. When the participant encounters this page, they can select performance spaces that suit them based on location, description, capacity, or amenities.


    These selections will be added to your venue dashboards and draft “deals” will be created that can be managed by the event coordinators or (if applicable) the venue organizations that manage the space.


    If enabled, participants can also opt to bring their own venue subject to the approval of the event producers.

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    Custom Questions

    Many events collect data from their participants for use in venue selection, application consideration, annual reports, and more. Stagey empowers you to add custom questions to your Registration or Application workflow.


    For example, you may want to prompt participants for demographic information or venue requirements.


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    Passes are both adaptable and easy to use. We know that not every festival, company, or venue operates the same, which is why with Stagey, you get to choose how passes function to serve your needs and audience best.


    You choose the dates or individual performances that passes are active and the type of passes you have available. Passes can offer your audience discounted prices (dollar amount or percentage) or a selected amount of comped tickets to a performance or run.


    You can update your passes anytime and are prompted with all of the above when you create a new event or season through Stagey.


    Run a membership program? You can comp users with passes, so they have access to all of the perks of the pass without purchasing.