• How it Works

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    Sell Tickets

    Fill your seats with our
    feature-packed ticketing service

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    Gather Participants

    Engage and register talent
    for your festival or arts event

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    Manage Venues

    Book clients, accept applications, manage schedules

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    Shows & Schedule

    Promote your creations, presentations and the teams that make them

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    Press & Promotion

    Manage press request & sell ads

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    Mobile App

    Publish a mobile app for your event or company

  • Building Your Site


    Select an Operating Model

    We support companies, festivals, special events. Each model has tons of options.


    Create Your Own Payment Provider

    All the money you make is deposited directly into your

    Stripe Account, no waiting for us to cash you out.


    Add Shows, Venues, Seasons, Events

    Fill your site with the data that powers your business.


    Publish Your Site

    Share your vision with the world. Easily integrate Stagey with your existing website.

  • Who is Stagey For?

    A comprehensive technology platform developed just for the performing arts


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    Performing Arts Companies

    Theatre, Dance, Virtual, Immersive, Cabaret.

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    Performing Arts Festivals

    Build, Promote and Operate your Big Event

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    Venue Managers

    Running a venue is challenging, we make it a little easier.

  • Simple Pricing

    Free to Use. We get paid when you do. No hidden fees.

    Stagey Core

    all the tools to get the

    job done





    Set up your website and use our tools for no charge


    Event Participation


    & registrations


    as in comped


    Customize workflows, collect the information you need, get paid

    Ticket Sales

    get the butts in

    the seats

    $1 per ticket

    ...and you collect 100% of the service fee to cover it

    We don't make a dime

    until you do


  • Our Mission

    We love the performing arts and want it to prosper and endure. We are driven to empower the arts with tools, support and a little magic

    Tools to help you succeed from a team with decades of Performing Arts Experience