• Venues & Spaces

    effectively manage the houses that host your performances

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    Venues & Performance Spaces

    Every venue on Stagey has a landing page where it can be administered and presented to the public.


    Venues are the distinct establishments that house performance spaces. Each venue can have one or many "spaces' that represent stages where performances take place.


    For organizations with more than one venue, a page can present all of them. For those that allow venues to apply to participate (e.g. festivals), a form can be posted on your site where venues can apply to participate.

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    Schedules & Performances

    Performances can be added to any given performance space and tickets are sold through the site for that performance. Administrators managed the full schedule of performances on their dashboard and print a will-call report as the performance approaches.


    A conflict system ensures that performances can’t overlap in a given performance space and virtual/streamed performances can be scheduled alongside those being presented in-person.

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    Applications & Deals

    As an optional feature, individual shows can apply to participate at a venue. Venues then create a “deal” which can be presented to the applying producers. Performances can be added to the deal along with pricing, dates and times. Once the deal is accepted by both parties, the performances will be added to the site for sale to the public.


    This feature is particularly helpful for venue managers seeking renters and festivals that feature independently run venues.

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    Venue Teams

    Venues can add team members that manage the facility. Each team member has a role be it owner, box office manager, booker, or technician.


    Administrators can invite users of the site to join the venue in a given role and provide administrator privileges to those who should be able to manage it.

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    Venue Media

    Images and Videos can be added to venues to provide patrons with a taste of what they are about to experience. Stagey supports all major web image types and videos hosted on Vimeo and YouTube.