• Selling Tickets

    Tools for you and your participants to put butts in seats.

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    Your Shopping Cart

    Patrons add tickets for shows into a secure shopping cart. Tickets can be purchased with all major credit cards. We support complementary and pay-what-you-can tickets.


    Patrons can notate accessibility requirements, contact preferences and provide organizational donations on checkout.


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    Pricing Tickets

    Stagey provides multiple options for pricing performances.


    Performances can be assigned a universal price or priced individually. Discounted pricing for participants and company members encourages a supportive community and fills seats.


    Discount Codes and Price Levels provide special pricing based on your needs.


    Patrons who purchase a membership through your site can also receive a discount (or buy tickets for free).


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    Discount Codes

    Patron discounts can be entered for shows and performances when a code is provided at checkout.


    For example, a show wishing to provide users from their college cheaper tickets can create a code named after their alma mater; those adding the code during checkout will receive that discount. Reports are generated to gauge the success of discount codes, making them perfect for tracking marketing campaigns.

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    Price Levels

    Price Levels are similar to Discount Codes but are presented publicly at checkout as types of tickets that can be purchased.


    For example, you might want to sell a VIP ticket to a given performance that includes a bottle of wine and a memento from the show. You set unique prices based on each level.


    Just like discount codes, Price Levels can be set show-by-show and performance-by-performance. Reports show how many tickets were sold per Price Level.


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    Press & Industry Comps

    Shows have a special interface for creating complimentary tickets for press and industry. Users designated by the event as certified (credentialed) press have the ability to request seats to a particular performance

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    Managing Sales and Refunds

    Sales are completely searchable for easy discovery. Refunds can be processed by administrators. There’s also an option to swap performance dates for a given patron.

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    You can sell memberships through your website that provide discounts on tickets and ads.


    For example, anyone who purchases a membership to your company, festival, season or event could receive $1 off all tickets (you set the amount). You can also sell a membership that allows members to purchase as many tickets as they like.


    Additionally, you have the ability to provide your members discounts on ads sold through your site.


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    Service Fees

    Service fees are the processing fees you charge your patrons when they purchase a ticket. These fees traditionally cover the bank fees that are collected when a transaction is processed.


    You keep 100% of the service fees you collect via ticket sales. You can set minimum service fees and allow them to grow as the cost of the ticket becomes more expensive.


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    Ticketing Reporting

    Reporting on ticketing sales (revenue and number of tickets) as well as discount code sales, source of ticketing sales and ticket type breakdowns are available for shows and events. You can also view top sellers and daily sales reports.


    Will-call reports are generated for box office checkin on the day of the performance.


    Administrators can search orders by key sales information. Tickets can be moved between performances and refunded/voided when needed.