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    attract press and sell ads directly from your site

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    Certifying Press

    Members of the press can submit their credentials to your company, festival or event. Once certified, they are added to your press list and receive various benefits including access to request tickets.


    If a certified member of the press reviews a show on your site, their reviews will be publicly categorized as “press” and posted along with their institution.

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    Press/Industry Comps

    A key benefit for press is the ability to submit requests for complimentary tickets for shows. Administrators of the show will receive an email alert when a press request is submitted with the option to reserve tickets to a given performance.

    The Will Call report for a performance will display any attendees that are from credentialed press.

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    Online Ads

    Ads can be sold directly from your Stagey site that will be displayed in randomized order.


    Levels can be created that represent the amount of “impressions” the user is buying. An impression is a single view of an ad on your site; online ad purchasers can view how many times a given ad was viewed or clicked. Renewal emails are automatically sent out when the number of impressions is running low.


    For festivals, special ad prices can be provided to festival participants.

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    Press Releases

    As an optional feature, producers can post press releases to their show’s landing page. These PR’s will appear on a special page available to the press. Certified press can request complimentary tickets directly from there.