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    Earn Passive Income by Recommending Stagey

  • Introduction

    At Stagey, we believe in the power of connections within the vibrant theatre community. We understand that word-of-mouth recommendations are invaluable, which is why we have launched our Customer Referral Program. This program is designed to reward our existing customers and supporters who introduce new theatres, venues, or festivals to Stagey. By spreading the word about our platform, tech solutions, and ticketing capabilities to these new partners, you can earn ongoing rewards and contribute to the growth of the theatre industry as a whole.

    How it Works

    Referral Process:

    If you are an existing Stagey customer or supporter, and you know of a theatre, venue, or festival that could benefit from our services, simply refer them to Stagey.


    Referral Rewards:

    As the referrer, you will receive ongoing rewards for your successful referral. For the next five years, you will receive 5% of the fees charged by Stagey (the per ticket fee which is usually $1) for every ticket sold by the referred party through our platform. The referral rewards will be calculated based on the ticket fees collected and will exclude refunds and $0 tickets (comps).



    To ensure a smooth and secure process, we have partnered with Stripe, a trusted payment gateway. Your referral rewards will be automatically deposited into your bank account as tickets are settled with the referred company. This means you will receive your rewards in a timely manner, without any additional effort.

    Benefits of the Customer Referral Program

    Earn Passive Income:

    By referring new partners to Stagey, you have the opportunity to earn ongoing rewards for a period of five years. As ticket sales continue to grow, so will your passive income, allowing you to benefit from your initial referral.


    Support the Theatre Community:

    Your referrals contribute to the growth and success of the theatre industry. By bringing new theatres, venues, or festivals to Stagey, you help them streamline their ticketing processes and access our comprehensive theatre resources. This, in turn, enhances the overall theatre experience for both event organizers and attendees.


    Strengthen Partnerships:

    When you refer a theatre, venue, or festival to Stagey, you not only assist them in finding a reliable ticketing solution but also strengthen your relationship with them. Collaborating with Stagey can be a stepping stone to further collaborations and networking opportunities within the theatre community.

    To Sum up...

    At Stagey, we are driven by a mission to foster economies that empower theatre community members to support themselves. Our Customer Referral Program is an integral part of this mission. By incentivizing and rewarding your referrals, we aim to create a network of interconnected theatre professionals who support each other's growth and success. Through this program, we encourage collaboration and cooperation within the theatre community.


    Join our Customer Referral Program today and be a part of our mission that enables theatre professionals to prosper and continue enchanting audiences worldwide.

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